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what services can we offer you?

A call to us starts the process with:

:: Consultancy

We don't design sound systems for your organization, you do. We simply learn from you what your needs and desires are, what your budget is and, using our knowledge and experience, put together a design concept that meets those criteria.

:: Sales

If you like our design concepts we will provide you with the most competitive pricing for that design. There is no cost and no obligation. We are not pushy box sellers, once you have our costings we leave you alone to decide.

:: Installation

The best professional audio equipment in the world is utterly useless if its not installed correctly. We carry out all of our own installations.

:: After Sales Service

We design our systems for bulletproof operation and reliability but know that problems can occur from time to time. We keep our client base small and allow a period of time every day for after sales service. In the unlikely event of any failure we will be on site within 1 working day to rectify that failure.

Professional sound systems differ greatly from home sound systems and, as a consequence, professional sound systems baffle most people.

To further compound that confusion most companies involved in professional sound are importers and distributors of professional audio product. These companies promote their product lines exclusively and as such they present their clients with a very narrow set of options.

Typically any organization seeking proposals for their audio needs will receive widely differing opinions from these audio equipment suppliers based around the product lines they import.

How do you choose? Whom do you trust?

At Smart Sound and Video Ltd we have no such product exclusivity and have access to virtually any professional audio product available on the market.

Over the 20 years we have been in the professional audio field we have developed relationships with the all worlds major manufacturers and maintained our knowledge of the equipment available from all of them.


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